The Marketer

I graduated from Aston Business School in 2001, having spent the third year of my course working in the UK Service Development team of Sun Microsystems at the height of the first “dot com” boom.

I then benefited from an on the job marketing apprenticeship under the guidance of a 40+ year career veteran, where I quickly progressed to leading the development of marketing communications for business and education focused marketers at Birmingham City University’s pioneering Technology Innovation Centre.

In 2008 I established my own frugal marketing consultancy, helping a myriad of businesses and organisations to achieve their goals efficiently, whilst making the most of their resources and avoiding unnecessary costs.

Clients include B2B, B2C and non-profit organisations from sectors including IT, Food, Home Improvements, Sport, Visual & Performing Arts, Regulatory Consulting, Finance & Accounting, Fashion and Childcare.

The Entrepreneur

There’s nothing quite like holding the reins of a business to truly know what it takes to succeed in business. Since stepping out of the comforts of a large marketing department in 2008, I have worn the many hats of a sole trader – attracting clients, satisfying their needs and doing the behind the scenes administration.

In 2017 I founded Quack Snacks, which serves the UK’s 15 million strong community of people who enjoy going to feed the ducks. With customers located from Orkney to Penzance, the continued growth of Quack Snacks is fuelled by utilising world class distribution systems and customer conversations.

Wild Swan &  Duck Food - Quack Snacks

“Top class Andrew – you deserve every success”

Head Teacher @ Hall Green Secondary School

“I have been truly impressed by your exceptional tenacity and commitment – shown by your willingness to to accept difficult challenges and delivering the project as we agreed, on time and of such high quality”

Graham Archer @ Sun Microsystems

“I have found Andrew to be a highly committed and enthusiastic individual, driven by a deep pursuit of excellence – with high quality output always being the end result”

Julian Moore @ Technology Innovation Centre