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School Days

“Top class Andrew – you deserve every success”

Headteacher - Final School Report

Best GCSEs: 
Business Studies, Science, French

A Levels: 
Business Studies, Computing, Statistics

BSc (Hons) Managerial & Administrative Studies
Aston Business School – Aston University

Final year studies: Effective Management Consultancy, Innovation, Entrepreneurial Management, Strategic Management, Advanced Business Computing.

Early Works

“I regret I have to advise you that the company is no longer in a position to pay your wages”

First Job: 
Personal Computer Sales Consultant @ Escom UK

Other Early Works:

Processing customer complaints letters @ Virgin Trains

Selling bathroom accessories @ John Lewis

Analysing stalled motor insurance claims @ Rubicon Claims

Archiving property records @ Enterprise Inns Plc

The Dot Com Boom

Sun Microsystems

Project Engineer – Service Development Group
(University Placement Year)

Harnessed Sun’s intranet to revolutionise links between sales and support teams, as well as with external partners – directly improving process efficiency and the customer’s support experience.

Congratulated for completing a major investigation into support partner relations – asked to increase the font size of my name on the report’s cover.

First communications work surfaces on Sun’s UK website.


“I have been truly impressed by your exceptional tenacity and commitment – shown by your willingness to accept difficult challenges and delivering the project as we agreed, on time and of such high quality.”

Line Manager Reference - Sun Microsystems
Stars, Cars & Students

Birmingham City University – Technology Innovation Centre 

Marketing Officer – Communications 

Supporting business and education marketing teams, I led the development of internal and external communications, including print and electronic marketing collateral, press advertising, newsletters and media relations.

A pioneer of the University’s use of social networks, I embraced the film-making community on for the 2006 Cinematic Film Festival – by 2007 it was the source of most film entries.



“I have found Andrew to be a highly committed and enthusiastic individual, driven by a deep pursuit of excellence – with high quality output always being the end result.”

Line Manager Comments - 2008 Annual Review
The Frugal Marketer

Independent Marketing Consultant

Supporting micro to £million businesses, I provide marketing management, consultancy and communication services based on frugal marketing principles. These aim to help clients achieve their goals efficiently, whilst avoiding unnecessary costs and making the most of their existing resources.

Clients include B2B, B2C and non-profit organisations from sectors including Information Technology, Finance & Accounting, EU Regulations, Visual & Performing Arts, Fashion, Sport, Engineering, Home Improvements, Business Services & Consulting.


“Top marketing guru and all round nice chap”

Sarah Portch - Bookkeeping Boutique Ltd

Client Story #1

General broadcast promotion proved expensive with a poor return on investment. Sales targets achieved by focusing on the specific customers valuing their high quality proposition and utilising existing customer relationships.

Client Story #2

Limited promotional resources negated by effectively tapping into the stream of prospects actively looking for their services – doubling turnover.

Client Story #3

Sought advice to grow business via a major advertising campaign. Growth unlocked, doubling turnover, without any additional advertising expenditure by focusing ad spend on higher margin product ranges.

Those That Can...Do

Quack Snacks

Quack Snacks is the UK’s only dedicated wild duck food supplier, selling nutritious duck food via multiple online and physical retail channels.

Whereas bread is widely condemned as being bad for ducks and their environment – and many other duck food providers sell bulk quantities of food that can still lead to problems of overfeeding and overcrowding – Quack Snacks only sells small “quack snack” portions of food that’s better for ducks and more convenient for duck feeders.

I registered the trademark, developed the packaging, designed the logo, built the e-commerce website, manage the eBay store, orchestrate the social network community and spend many a long evening packing duck food to online customers and physical retailers.

Some people say that those who can do, those who can’t consult. Well I’m doing the “do” too.


“Excellent product, great handy packs!” – “Great value, speedy delivery, the ducks just love them” – “Will use again and recommend to all”

Customer Feedback
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