Inspiring desire to visit a shop and buy things – my favourite Christmas TV ad was Asda’s!

The Christmas television advertisements that grab all the headlines actually leave me a little cold. Although they’re clearly successful at inspiring news headlines and public chatter, I’m left wondering where’s the reason to actually shop with those people.

My favourite ad this Christmas inspired chatter, store visits and actual purhcases – Asda’s “Best. Christmas. Ever” ad. (EDIT: Asda has unfortunately now removed the ad from Youtube!)

Whilst I may have long since passed my 8th birthday, Asda’s ad put the idea of a chocolate igloo in my head. Forget all the expensive gifts I could have written to Father Christmas for, I now wanted a chocolate igloo.

So having shared my enthusiasm for this advert and product to anyone who happened to ask what I’d like for Christmas, my mum decided to break away from only ever shopping at Sainsburys and Aldi to venture into Asda to get me one. Whilst she was there, she found gifts for other people too.

It wasn’t just my mum by all accounts. On her first visit to Asda they had sold out of igloos, so she put her name on a list to be contacted when stocks returned. Alas they never did call her back, but by chance she went to check another day and found one.

Perhaps it was just regular Asda shoppers buying all the igloos. Or just maybe they struck gold and attracted new people into their stores?!

They certainly inspired a few new purchases – and a newfound place for my mum to meet her friends for coffee.

It’ll be interesting to see what if any impact the ad has had on Asda’s Christmas sales – whilst we await the results, feast your eyes on the magnificence of a chocolate smash igloo!

Update 17/01/18: Maybe those ads really did work… Asda claims victory in ‘Big Four’ sales battle

Update 20/02/18: Asda sales rise on strong Christmas

Update: 09/11/18: M&S to air low-key Christmas ad in attempt to drive sales “Last year the struggling retailer’s ads featured Paddington, but while the ad attracted nearly 7m views on YouTube alone, its Christmas sales were a washout.”