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If words aren’t your strength, or you get the feeling nobody’s really taking much notice of your promotional works, I’ll help you to find the words your audiences will take note of and act upon.

Think Before You Speak

It’s all too easy to wax lyrical about yourself, your products, services, events or causes – essentially spending money to talk about yourself, to yourself.

Getting the right people to listen and respond as you wish requires a little more thought.

So before embarking on any communication project, it’s vital to accurately define who your audience are and take time to understand their interests, objectives and influences. If you haven’t yet done so, please first consider my Communications Consultancy service – it could pay for itself many times over.


From adverts and flyers to brochures or text for your website, I’ll blend what you want to say with what you know your audience will want to hear to create compelling text copy.

Media/Press Releases

Since the media doesn’t exist to give you a free plug, I’ll help you to identify and produce newsworthy stories and customise them to suit different media outlets.

Tender Writing

How do you stand out when all parties inevitably state that they can meet the tender requirements? I’ll help you to tune into the unwritten nuances of those requirements and leave rivals who just talk vapidly about themselves on the reject pile.

Design Briefs

Graphic designers possess a special talent – blending shapes, colours, text and photography to communicate a message or concept. But if you give some a free reign, they can veer away from what you really need – and if given a tight rein, some can give you what you wanted, but not what you really needed.

I’ll help you to brief a designer effectively – so you benefit from their talents, but won’t end up with artistic folly.

About Andrew

I graduated from Aston Business School in 2001 and benefited from an “on-the-job” marketing apprenticeship with a 40+ year career veteran.

I’ve since spent almost a decade working independently with businesses of many sizes and types, with each new project benefiting from this multifaceted experience. Discover more here or see samples of my communications work by scrolling down this page.

How much will it cost?

Timings will be estimated in advance, with any additional works requiring your prior approval.

Timings include both production times and time spent assimilating your requirements and administering the task or project.

My creative project rates are:

Full Day (up to 8 hours): £360
Half Day (up to 4 hours): £200
Top-Up Hours (per hour): £45

Hourly (for small one-off tasks): £60

Full and half day rates include return travel within 20 miles where on-site support is required. Additional mileage is £1 per mile each way.

“Top marketing guru and all round nice chap”

“I cannot thank you enough for your efficiency, professionalism and speed in getting this up and running”

“Thanks to your advice, I have a largely full order book for next year”

Case Studies

The Manufacturer

General broadcast promotion proved expensive with a poor return on investment. Sales targets achieved by focusing on the specific customers valuing their high quality proposition and utilising existing customer relationships.

The Service Provider

Limited promotional resources negated by effectively tapping into the stream of prospects actively looking for their services – doubling turnover.

The E-Retailer

Sought advice to grow business via a major advertising campaign. Growth unlocked, doubling turnover, without any additional advertising expenditure by focusing ad spend on higher margin product ranges.

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